Yohai Bar Sinai

Visitng Scientist

Google Research


I am physicist, currently a visiting scientist at Google Research, generally interested in the physics of complex non linear mechanical systems. I’m currently excited about applying Data-Driven techniques (“machine learning”) to study these systems. My current efforts concentrate on using machine learning for systematic coarse graining of PDEs, and on extracting and identifying structure from experimental data. In the past I studied the dynamics of frictional interfaces, some aspects of disordered systems (say, this and that), a bit of biomechanics, and stuff like that.

In 2020 I’ll be starting a research group in the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, at Tel Aviv University’s School of Physics and Astronomy. I’m looking for graduate students and postdocs to join me. For details, drop me a line. It will be fun.


Data driven physics

Learning physics with data-driven algorithms


Frictional motion is highly complex and non-linear, can be imaged directly, and is practically important. What more do you need?

Recent Publications

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