Yohai Bar-Sinai research group


We study physics of complex systems using tools from statistical physics, non linear mechanics, machine learning and computational physics. We are a research group at the School of physics in Tel Aviv University. The group is also a member of Tel-Aviv University’s BioSoft Center and Data Science center.


Jan 01, 2024 Ran Yaacoby has joined the group as new PhD student. Welcome Ran!
Nov 01, 2023 Congratulations to Amit Federbush for obtaining his masters
Sep 30, 2023 A nice opinion piece in Nature about earthquake prediction with ML (we’re in it).
May 10, 2023 Welcome Yamin Ben-Shimon! Yamin will be collaborating with Dr. Barak Hirshberg from the Chemistry school.
Oct 30, 2022 Checkout our new Nature paper about capillary tweezers!